Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Final Harlot of the Fab Four...

Introducing Our dear and humble 

Victoria Twyman 
{ Methodical Harlot, Voice of Reason }

I am a wife of nearly 31 years, a mother to 5 grown children and grandmother to 2 wonderful teenage grandsons.  I have been retired for about 5 years and am so enjoying the freedom to pursue my artistic dreams. I have, up to this point, been a self-taught jewelry artist - learning from tons of reading and watching videos;however, I have just started a metalsmith class and am looking forward to learning all of the tricks of the trade and improving on my skills.  I create one-of-a-kind jewelry and home decor pieces using vintage and found objects.  I am also now creating jewelry from metal - mostly copper and brass - and I think I have found my passion!!

Coffee Talk With Viki ~

1.  What is your earliest memory of knowing  you had an itch for design?
I grew up on a small farm and it seems like my brothers and I were always outside finding really cool stuff to make things out of.  I remember taking the plastic strawberry baskets and weaving leaves and sticks through them.  I would then add a piece of fabric around the top and tie it into a bow.  I was so proud of those little baskets!!

2.  Food/drink  nourishment of choice when in design mode?
Chocolate and Pepsi!!!   I know, how bad can you get, right???  I am trying to give up the Pepsi, but you will NEVER take my chocolate away from me!!!!

3. Favorite designers? Fashion, interiors, jewelry, Art, Architecture? a few will do...
This is a hard one for me because I have never been influenced by one style.  I just love art and creative thinking - anything outside of the box.  If I was to pick a fashion designer it would have to be Vera Wang because her clothing has such wonderful asymmetrical lines.  As for a jewelry designer - 
I want to grow up to be like Troy Hawkins!  
He is my hero.  

4. What is your mantra/motto?

To LOVE what I am doing.  

To feel total joy and fulfillment from it.  

5. How you you define a Burlap Harlot? What makes you one?
A Burlap Harlot is non-judgmental, open to new and unique ideas and people.  Willing to accept everyone for who they are - their uniqueness - their individuality.  
Someone with an open mind and heart.   

6. As a designer what moves you? Where do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration from everything around me.  I really LOVE old things, things with character and a story to tell.  I think I'm pretty good at listening to that story and absorbing inspiration from it.  I also find inspiration from my metal. It may sound weird, but a lot of times I will pick up a piece of metal and have no idea what I am going to do with it and I just hold it and the ideas start to form and I start working with that piece of metal until I'm happy with the result. 

You can find Viki's amazing jewelry creations at: