Sunday, January 22, 2012

The faces behind the B.H.S.

Next up: Our very beautiful AND talented 
Ursula A. Guderian
{Mystical Harlot, Grounding Ethereal Muse}

I was born in Mt. Shasta, raised in Northern California and currently live in Igo. I attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco then returned to the North State area where my realization for creating jewelry was inspired. Art has always been a healing entity for me and I put forth that energy in my work. I create a line of "One of a Kind" and Limited Edition jewelry. I translate ancient and other worldly influences and images into unique, elegant contemporary creations. My jewelry is designed to touch all with a captivating mysticism. My intention is to provide a piece of art to wear that represents an extension of one’s self. The time that I spend on my work is always limited. My interests in life are my art work, my family and raising my 4 dogs.

Coffee Talk with Ursula
1. What is your earliest memory of knowing  you had an itch for design?

When I was 26 my friend, Erika and I were at Shasta Lake hanging out on the shore line taking in the Sunshine and visiting. She had brought with her some beading supplies and we started to "create". I remember how it brought such calm to me and how at that moment I had realized that I needed to get back in touch with my creative side.

2.  Food/drink  nourishment of choice when in design mode?

It depends entirely on the time of day. If it is in the morning/early afternoon, I will drink Herbal Tea. If it is in the late afternoon or evening I will be drinking Red Wine. Always Red. Red till I am dead baby. Red till I am dead. ;)

3. Favorite designers? Fashion, interiors, jewelry, Art, Architecture? a few will do...

Ralph Lauren. The late great Alexander Mcqueen. Donna Karen Love her work. I would have to say that Mr. Lauren is my top favorite. He has the ability to inspire me with just a swatch of fabric!

4. What is your mantra/motto?

Being intimately connected with every step in the creative process. Art, to me, has to be the end result of ones true passionate pursuit. To create something that is an extension of ones soul. I do tend to lean towards creating pieces inspired from an archeological object or a period in time.

5. How you you define a Burlap Harlot? What makes you one?

 ~ A free spirit, Opting to pop that cork
 on that lovely 2005 Mouvedre early 
in the day just to savor a moment of pure 
bliss. It's smiling, when you know someone 
is wrong,and saying "I never did mind 
about the little things."

6. As a designer what moves you? Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from all kinds of venues. Landscapes, movies, magazines and most importantly, History. The movies "Troy" and "300" were packed with all kinds of creative ideas!

 7. How would you describe your creative process?

Visual stimulation comes in via: Landscapes, movies etc. Then, usually between 3:00-6:00 a.m. it hits me! My mind will pull together a piece from stored ideas and images. This is truly the initial  "raw" creative moment for me.

Designs Can Be Found At The Following Elite Locations:

~ The Velvet Loft
1790 California Street
Redding, CA

~ Faccia Bella beauty room by Appt. Only
3609 Bechelli Lane, Ste D Redding, CA

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who are the Burlap Harlots?

Introducing. . . .  Mrs. Monica Templeton {Head Harlot}

Wife of sweet man & mom of 3 lovelies.   
Prop-stylist, Interior rehab & Decor junque~y,
Up-cycling & Re-styling Furniture, 
God lovin, Jill of all Trades-Mistress of none. 
Hates shopping. Loves junque-ing.

Coffee Talk with Mo.....

1. What is your earliest memory of knowing  you had an itch for design?

Being the youngest of 6, raised by a single mom who worked long days during the summer months, I would sometimes hop on my bike & ride all around the South Bay.
I was always intrigued by  neighborhood homes & would ride for hours through various communities such as Japan town or near the university admiring  craftsman-style bungalows, victorians, ranch-style, or English tudors. I remember loving the way the light played on these houses, while riding home as the sun set, to get home before dark. I would imagine interiors & draw constantly during these long summer days as a kid.

2.  Food/drink nourishment of choice when in design mode?

Coffee.  Adding cream makes it a meal.

3. Favorite designers? Fashion, interiors, jewelry, Art, Architecture? a few will do... 

Ralph Lauren for his classic clothing & interiors.  
Alphonse Mucha for his gorgeous 
Art Nouveau paintings.  
Nancy Meyers for her beautiful set designs.

4. What is your mantra/motto?

 Have nothing in your house that you 
do not know to be useful 
or believe to be beautiful.  
~William Morris.

5. How you you define a Burlap Harlot? 

  A Burlap Harlot has taste... But not always the money.  
Not to be confused with cheap.  
Burlap is an inexpensive textile. 
 But given enough pizazz, & a little ingenuity, 
Burlap can look like a million bucks.  
That's what a Burlap Harlot does. 
She creates beauty from discarded or unloved objects.  
Salvaging, restoring, altering... 
Breathing a new life into abandoned goods & creating beauty for all to enjoy!

6. As a designer what moves you? Where do you find inspiration?

 Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. My husband's warmth. 
My childrens' chatter & laughter.  
Fresh coffee. Good wine. Sunday dinner.

I find inspiration in pretty much everything; 
Classic movies, music, farmers markets, flea markets, 
thrift shops, coffee shops, cafes, 
restaurants, art, images, & nature.  
(I do love certain movies for their set designs)...

Thanks Mo. 
You can find More of what Monica is up to here