{ What is a Burlap Harlot? }


A Burlap Harlot is . . .

A Scout of Salvaged and Vintage Treasures
Courtier of all things Artful and Beautiful
One of no Fixed Occupation
A Junk Gypsy
A Free Spirit 

" A Burlap Harlot beats to her own drum, She makes her own rules, 
She prefers the charm of all things old, rusty, and chippy with a story to tell, 
things with a soul as opposed to the high sheen and luster of polished brand
 new Cherry wood or meaningless junk made in China. "
~Jae Jennings {Stylist Harlot}

" A free spirit, Opting to pop that cork
 on that lovely 2005 Mouvedre early 
in the day just to savor a moment of pure 
bliss. It's smiling, when you know someone 
is wrong,and saying "I never did mind 
about the little things."
~Ursula Guderian {Muse Harlot}

"A Burlap Harlot is non-judgmental, open to new and unique ideas and people. 
 Willing to accept everyone for who they are - their uniqueness - their individuality. 
 Someone with an open mind and heart."
~Viki Robinson~Twyman {mythodical Harlot}
"A Burlap Harlot refuses to 'commit' to any one particular style as she embraces all fashions, lifestyles, trends, and innovative ideas.  She upcycles & repurposes to create beauty from vintage, salvaged, or 'unwanted' elements.  Burlap is one of the least expensive textiles that we use to decorate with.  'Cheap' and inexpensive, yet elegant when handled just right."  
 ~ Mo Templeton {Lead Harlot}