Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who are the Burlap Harlots?

Introducing. . . .  Mrs. Monica Templeton {Head Harlot}

Wife of sweet man & mom of 3 lovelies.   
Prop-stylist, Interior rehab & Decor junque~y,
Up-cycling & Re-styling Furniture, 
God lovin, Jill of all Trades-Mistress of none. 
Hates shopping. Loves junque-ing.

Coffee Talk with Mo.....

1. What is your earliest memory of knowing  you had an itch for design?

Being the youngest of 6, raised by a single mom who worked long days during the summer months, I would sometimes hop on my bike & ride all around the South Bay.
I was always intrigued by  neighborhood homes & would ride for hours through various communities such as Japan town or near the university admiring  craftsman-style bungalows, victorians, ranch-style, or English tudors. I remember loving the way the light played on these houses, while riding home as the sun set, to get home before dark. I would imagine interiors & draw constantly during these long summer days as a kid.

2.  Food/drink nourishment of choice when in design mode?

Coffee.  Adding cream makes it a meal.

3. Favorite designers? Fashion, interiors, jewelry, Art, Architecture? a few will do... 

Ralph Lauren for his classic clothing & interiors.  
Alphonse Mucha for his gorgeous 
Art Nouveau paintings.  
Nancy Meyers for her beautiful set designs.

4. What is your mantra/motto?

 Have nothing in your house that you 
do not know to be useful 
or believe to be beautiful.  
~William Morris.

5. How you you define a Burlap Harlot? 

  A Burlap Harlot has taste... But not always the money.  
Not to be confused with cheap.  
Burlap is an inexpensive textile. 
 But given enough pizazz, & a little ingenuity, 
Burlap can look like a million bucks.  
That's what a Burlap Harlot does. 
She creates beauty from discarded or unloved objects.  
Salvaging, restoring, altering... 
Breathing a new life into abandoned goods & creating beauty for all to enjoy!

6. As a designer what moves you? Where do you find inspiration?

 Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. My husband's warmth. 
My childrens' chatter & laughter.  
Fresh coffee. Good wine. Sunday dinner.

I find inspiration in pretty much everything; 
Classic movies, music, farmers markets, flea markets, 
thrift shops, coffee shops, cafes, 
restaurants, art, images, & nature.  
(I do love certain movies for their set designs)...

Thanks Mo. 
You can find More of what Monica is up to here