Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't be Ordinary, Be Extraordinary!!

The Burlap Show is a  Motley Menagerie of fun, 
food, music, art & fabulous finds,  
always with a sense of whimsy, 
theatrics and drama.
From the Decor and Props to the people... 
We invite and encourage our vendors 
as well as our guests to dress up, 
play the part, have some fun, 
get out of the Box!!! 

Don't be Ordinary~ Be Extraordinary! 
This Years theme is 
Vintage inspired Circus, 
Burlap Carnavale'
find a top hat, Don a tu~tu 
and get creative! 

If you are in need of finding a costume, 
or a fun piece to add to an ensemble~ 
We have just the gals for you. 

Rita Simpson 
Costume design & Custom Sewing
Specializing in Theatrical Costuming
by Apt.

Kris Joliff
Retro Rampage
Vintage clothing store

2480 Athens Ave. Redding, CA.
Shop hours Tues-Fri, 11am - 6pm

Kris will be setting up a 
circus themed costume area 
in her shop just for us!
Come check it out...