Tuesday, February 14, 2012

And yet another of our troupe...

Jae Jennings
 { Stylist Harlot }


After graduating from F.I.D.M. (The fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) for interior design in Los Angeles, 
My husband and I ventured North in 2000 
to smell fresh air and raise 
our children in the country sunshine.
 I consider myself to be an aesthetic alchemist: creator of visually stimulating, beautiful space and things. I feel design and being creative is my dharma, I get lost in space and time, nothing else seems to matter.

Coffee Talk With Jae...

1. What is your earliest memory of knowing you had an itch for design?

Well, my mom says I was designing in the womb. My earliest memory of a love for design had to have been my fascination with creating the houses for my Barbie’s. I didn’t have the dream house, So I had to make do with creating walls from L.P.s, folding up towels for beds and adorning them with different pillow cases for bed spreads. I loved to dress them too, but never really liked to actually ‘play’. The fun was in the creating. I also changed my room around all the time growing up.

 2. Food/drink nourishment of choice when in design mode?

 Yerba Mate’ definitely gets creative juices flowing in the A.M. Afternoons and evenings- Red wine... If I did not have to feed my family, I could definitely survive on finger foods. 

3. Favorite designers? Fashion, interiors, jewelry, Art, Architecture? a few will do...

I have always loved Frank Lloyd Wrights’ organic interiors and architecture. I admire his ability to bring the outside in, his love of nature, clean lines and simplicity. He was a wild man, 
a true genius before his time. William Morris’ Textiles are timeless. 

4. What is your mantra/motto?

Hummm, So many…
“You do not need to have a lot of money to live richly” 
~ Jae Jennings
“One person’s craziness is another persons reality” 
~ Tim Burton
"Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or do without."
~ Old New England Saying

5. How do you define a Burlap Harlot? What makes you one?

A Burlap Harlot beats to her own drum, She makes her own rules, She prefers the charm of all things old, rusty and chippy with a story to tell, things with a soul as opposed to the high sheen and luster of polished brand new Cherry wood or meaningless junk made in China.

6. What inspires you?

I am inspired by others, nature, music, textiles, color, wabi ~ sabi (the Japanese art of imperfection) My husband and kiddos daily ~ they 'keep me keepin on'. 
Life itself is an ongoing creative process. 

These days I work as a freelance designer out of my home studio. I have been in a chapter of my life called:
'Watching the babes and vegetables grow' 

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