Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meet the Harlots. . .

"The photo above. . . Is what makes me a Harlot. 
 ~ A free spirit, Opting to pop that cork on 
that lovely 2005 Mouvedre early in the day
just to savor a moment of pure bliss. :)
It's smiling, when you know someone is wrong,
 and saying "I never did mind about the little things."
                                          ~ Ursula A. Guderian

Who puts on this Shindig Anyway, you ask? 
Well our story begins with the Fabulous four.

Monica Templeton~
{Head Harlot, Founder and Visionary Extraordinaire}

Victoria (Viki) Robinson Twyman~
{Methodical Harlot, Keeper of Important Matters} 

Jae Jennings~
{Stylist Harlot, Visual Imagery & Creative Shenanigans }

Ursula Guderian~
{Mystical Harlot, Grounding Ethereal Muse}

We are excited to introduce the fab four to you 
through a series of upcoming biographies, 
and studio tours of the places that we 
inhabit for inspiration and creativity.
By getting to know us, you are getting to know 
what the Burlap Harlot Show is all about. 

Stay Tuned. . .