Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cafe Furniture Delivered

From Viki  {Methodical Harlot}

This afternoon Monica, Ursula and Viki met at the Antique Cottage and had a great (and hot) time picking through the outdoor area for bistro tables and chairs for our Indoor Cafe!  We met up with Jae at the fairgrounds and unloaded everything.
 It was hot and sweaty work, but somebody had to do it!!!

I was going to take pictures, but as usual, I forgot.  Hopefully I will remember tomorrow during set up.  Would be great to see the before and after.  

The cafe area is going to be just darling!  A fun place to sit and eat or rest the feet.   We have amazing plans for the front entrance - It will be FABULOUS!!

Ok, off to load up my trailer and back home for some pizza and then off to bed early.  Tomorrow will be a very looooooooooooooong day.

So excited for Saturday to get here - like a little kid at Christmas.